Tummy Ache Candy Store

Mexican Candy
Seasonal Treats
Chocolate lovers unite! Tummy Ache offers a variety of hand made chocolate treats, from chocolate dipped strawberries to peanut butter fudge!

Like things smooth? Have a milk chocolate peace sign, chocolate bar, or giant campfire marshmallow dipped in chocolate.
How about things a little sweeter? Have a white chocolate bar or a chunk with almonds!

Do you crave something a little sweet but bitter? Our dark chocolate comes in candy bars, on giant marshmallows, with almonds or cashews, and even mixed into some peanut butter fudge.

Come explore our little old fashioned fridge that houses our chocolate treats. We offer chocolate covered cherries, chocolate covered strawberries, peace sign pieces, homemade peanut butter eggs, tortoises1, Almond Boys2, chubby chunks3, chocolate messages, and we also make puppy chow with our chocolate.

1Tortoises are similiar to Turtles with chocolate and caramel, but with almonds or cashews rather than the traditional pecan.
2Almond boys are similiar to the Almond Joy, with chocolate, coconut and an almond.
3Chubby chunks have chocolate and a cranberry and walnut mixture inside.

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